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  Twin Deluxe Room with Seaview Spacious Room for four
1 Mar.~31 Mar. Weekdays NT 1,800- Weekdays NT 2,500-
Weekends NT 2,300- Weekends NT 3,000-
1 Apr.~31 May. Weekdays NT 2,300- Weekdays NT 2,800-
Weekends NT 2,600- Weekends NT 3,200-
1 Jun.~25 Jun. Weekdays NT 2,500- Weekdays NT 3,200-
Weekends NT 3,000- Weekends NT 3,500-
26 Jun.~31 Aug. Weekdays NT 3,000- Weekdays NT 3,500-
Weekends NT 3,500- Weekends NT 4,000-
1 Sep.~31 Oct. Weekdays NT 2,500- Weekdays NT 3,000-
Weekends NT 3,000- Weekends NT 3,500-
1 Nov.~31 Dec. Weekdayss NT 1,800- Weekdays NT 2,500-
Weekends NT 2,300- Weekends NT 3,000-
4/4~4/6 NT 3,500-/night 4/4~4/6 NT 4,000-/night
6/7~6/8 NT 3,500-/night 6/7~6/8 NT 4,000-/night
9/13~9/14 NT 3,500-/night 9/13~9/14 NT 4,000-/night
10/1~10/12 NT 3,500-/night 10/1~10/12 NT 4,000-/night
  • 【Bank Account】
    Hua Nan Bank Cheng Dong Branch   Bank Code: 008  Account No: 108200817420  Account Name:Wen Chi Yu / 尤文啟.
  • Upon fund transfer, please call or message to confirm booking.
  • Upon transfer, please notify staff three days in advance if you wish to change the date. You will be allowed three months to complete your stay.
  • Kindly prepay 50% of fees charged. Rooms reserved for the first person to transfer funds.
  • Weekdays are from Sunday to Friday. Weekends is Saturday.
  • NT$200 cleaning fee will be charged for each pet.
  • Foreigners please use facebook, line(ID:0909852117), or Wechat(ID:steven0933386308).

    South Bay Seaview Hostel
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  South Bay Seaview Hostel
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